Trauma, Resilience and Self-Determination: Stories from Women of Color Entrepreneurs

Women of Color (WOC) occupy a unique position in society wherein they bear the weight of both racial and gender bias and associated challenges – this intersection of identities often comes with a number of unique experiences in both the traditional workplace and in the choice to become an entrepreneur. Many of these experiences can be traumatic which can impact efficacy, productivity and overall success in the workplace and in entrepreneurial pursuits – yet many WOC develop resiliency in response to these trauma and go on to accomplish great things. This dynamic panelistwill explore stories from four women’s journey towards self-determination through entrepreneurship and how trauma and resiliency played a role.


Danielle DeRuiter-Williams

Danielle DeRuiter-Williams, CEO at The Justice Collective


Michelle Kim

Michelle Kim, CEO, Co-Founder at Awaken


April Fenall


Brooklyn Wright

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