How Technology Can Remove Biases from Hiring

Most of the recent diversity and inclusion initiatives in tech has been to consciously and actively select for people of more diverse backgrounds, which has made a significant impact. But what if we can completely remove conscious and unconscious bias all together? To achieve this, we must start from the first step: hiring. The key to removing biases is to make our assessments and processes as objective as possible and build it into our HR workflow. Today, we’ll talk about the impact of technologies that have been used to anonymize candidate information even before we start evaluating them.


Lauren Ryan

Lauren Ryan, Vice President of New Products at Greenhouse.io


Mehul Patel

Mehul Patel, CEO at Hired


Tigran Sloyan

Tigran Sloyan, CEO at Code Signal


Wayne Sutton

Wayne Sutton, Co-Founder & CTO at Change Catalyst

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