Recruiting Partnerships with Higher Education

Learn more about how to partner with some of the dynamic people and programs at SF local colleges and universities to build your diverse and local talent pipelines. City College of SF, SF State University and Golden Gate University will be present to talk to you about how they are preparing their students for careers in tech and you can pick up a copy of UniteSF’s Education and Resource Guide to learn more about how to support and benefit from the education partners across the city.


Laura Moran

Laura Moran, Director, UniteSF at San Francisco Chamber of Commerce


Orlando Harris

Orlando Harris, Director, Career Services & Leadership Development at San Francisco State University


Dr. Gordon S. Swartz

Dr. Gordon S. Swartz, Dean at Ageno School of Business at Golden Gate University


Monique Pascual

Monique Pascual, Director of Apprenticeship & Instructional Service Agreements at City College of San Francisco


Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks, Associate Dean for Academic Operations at University of San Francisco

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