Building Great Technology Companies While Making Portland Stronger

Portland’s technology industry has outpaced growth in our other leading sectors fourfold over the past decade. While other US cities have seen similar growth, Portland’s tech evolution has inspired a unique collaboration among companies that are purposefully engaging with our broader community. Convened and supported by Prosper Portland, 25 companies have made a public commitment to make the industry more diverse, equitable and inclusive. Find out how the Diversity Pledge got started and the specific actions being taken to achieve diversity and inclusion, including community giving, AllyShift, speaker talks, and internships.


Jared Wiener

Jared Wiener, Technology Industry Liaison at Prosper Portland


Catalin Wong

Catalin Wong, Marketing Coordinator at AWS Elemental


Lauren Espinosa

Lauren Espinosa, Manager, Talent Acquisition at Jama Software


Jenny Berkedal

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