Executive Panel: Allyship: Women Empowering Women in the Workplace

In the age of #MeToo, a lot of focus has been placed on men to women allyship – but what about women to women allyship. This panel of women leaders from Zillow Group come from various backgrounds – engineering, software development, even the White House – but all share a common experience of having strong, women allies who helped them along the way. These women will explore the importance of women allyship and how to become an ally in your workplace.


Racquel Russell

Racquel Russell, Vice President of Government Relation and Public Affairs at Zillow Group


Rebekah Bastian

Rebekah Bastian, Vice President of Community and Culture at Zillow Group


Annie Rihn

Annie Rihn, Vice President of Recruiting at Zillow Group


Aldona Clottey

Aldona Clottey, Vice President of Premier Agent Platform at Zillow Group


Melinda Briana Epler

Melinda Briana Epler, Founder & CEO at Change Catalyst


Wayne Sutton

Wayne Sutton, Co-Founder & CTO at Change Catalyst

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